• Jon G.

    “As an engineer finishing my second year, I was struggling to find any internship. Onward got me an internship that a grad student would dream of in the US. Working four days a week left plenty of time for traveling around Israel with the great friends I made, and best of all was the food. I’ve visited family in Israel nearly every summer, but this was the first time I really experienced the entire culture.”

    Danny G.

    “I can’t begin to express my gratitude to those who made this possible for me to have this experience. This program has not only allowed me to develop myself in my field of study, but it has also allowed me to experience Israel in a whole new way. Living in Haifa, I have a new understanding of what it is like to live here and what the culture is like.”

    Nicole P.

    “At Bringg, a startup that allows business to track and manage deliveries in real time with a SaaS and “Uber-like” mobile based platform. Our aim is to eliminate “waiting in the dark” for everything from pizza delivery to home repair services. Day to day, I assist with executing our social media campaign as a marketing intern. Bringg also promotes a healthy lifestyle by encouraging employees to eat salads everyday by providing fresh vegetables and fruit, and also giving us gym access as well. This company is an amazing place to work and I’m enjoying my time with them in Israel.”

    Denise L. – Marketing & Communication, Summer 2016

    “I arrived in the apartments in Tel Aviv and met the 20 other people in my program and we hit it off. I was placed with Right-Hear, a startup company that created a mobile accessibility solution for people that are blind or visually impaired and I couldn’t be happier… I was working with a great team that had a passion to empower others. In my internship, I got a taste of a little bit of everything. I created press kits, blog posts, managed some social media projects, did research on growth, and also had the opportunity to do some sales. All in all, my internship experience was the absolute best part of being in Israel. Coming in, I knew I was interested in marketing and entrepreneurship, but having the experience with Right-Hear gave me the insight and validation that what I was seeking is very much achievable.

    “Coming back to the United States, I made a great effort in applying what I learned abroad in my day to day life. Although I missed the country and the people so much, I channeled that energy on creating a better career for myself with the experience I had in Israel. I officially applied to be a double major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship (and got accepted!) and kept in contact with my boss to the point that I’ll be re-interning with the company again this summer remotely! Onward didn’t just give me an internship experience, but gave me so much perspective on the country of Israel and the abundant amount of opportunities it holds. I honestly can’t wait to go back.”

    Michelle G.- Arts & Culture, Summer 2017

    “Coming into the summer I thought two months would feel like a lifetime. Now, it’s like I blinked and it all flew by. I thought I already knew what Israel was like, but living in a city and just traveling throughout it are two remarkably different experiences. I’ve truly been able to experience the city first hand throughout this summer whether that be going to the light show at the old city a million times, watching street performers on Ben Yehuda, or anything in between. This experience has made me truly understand Jerusalem and Israel on a much deeper level than ever before.”

    Anneliese F.- Pittsburgh, Summer 2017

    “This internship couldn’t be more perfect for me. I’ve taken many business classes, but I’ve learned as much about business in this past month from my boss and all the research I’ve done at work by applying what I’ve learned and being a new member of the FinTech community. Because it is essentially just my boss and I working full time at Genie, I’ve gotten hands on experience with just about every aspect of starting a company.”

    Arielle H.- Pittsburgh, Summer 2017

    “When I thought about coming to Israel to get work experience it was a no brainer. I enjoy this country so much and could not wait to return. Although this is my third time in Israel it is a very different experience than the last two times. I am no longer a tourist, but a member of Israeli society. My knowledge of the Hebrew language has never been more crucial. I had trouble getting to my first day of work and I was able to find my way there by speaking to the bus driver in Hebrew, which was extremely satisfying. I also feel extremely lucky to be living right next to the beach. I have been taking advantage of the beautiful sunsets by the Mediterranean by running right when the sun is going down. I am looking forward to the rest of this summer to learn more about Israeli culture and gain more skills in becoming an independent working woman.”